Words by Jamal A. Bilal
Art by Michael DeNicola


Anchor: The Story

When you arrive after your flight, you may not remember the first night.

The feeling of belonging you once had, drifting away with the jet lag.

As you rise through the ranks you smile and say thanks.

But behind the smile no one sees, you’re searching for identity.

Your culture, your ways, how you spend your days, all of these things are now in a haze.

What you read, watch, hear and see, make your reflection harder to be.

With those around you talking about back in the day, when things were different, how they wish they could stay.  

You hear the music, listen to the words, on some occasions you taste the bird.

Your senses loaded as reminders begin to fade, and you find yourself seeking a new cave.

In a new world where you have to adapt, find a presence or feel trapped.

As things move forward, you start to see how many have created their identity.

You watch and learn how they belong, their heart tethered, their love strong.

Taught by those who came before, the wonder, the beauty, never to long. 

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, you feel connected, day by day.

Time drifts by as your anchor drags, beneath the surface you hope for a snag.


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