Back Time

Back Time

Words by Jamal Bilal
Art by Min Hwa Jung


Back Time: The Poem

I want my time back.

Didn't realize I was giving it away until I had a heart attack

Seconds, minutes, hours fly by and now I'm starting to change, react.

Feeling the change in my brain is starting to make me go insane. Seconds, minutes, hours, days—all this time just slipping away.

What else am I supposed to do, exchange my time? Nah. Fuck you.

My time is mine and mine alone. Forget about working my hands to the bone 

To bring to life other "people’s" dreams so they can profit off my steam. 

Exchanging my time for a little bit of green—that's starting to feel obscene.

After the attack, I realized I can't have my time back, and that put tears in my eyes.

But now I can see that where I put my time should represent me.

My time is now and that's all I get. Either I move forward for me or I live with regret. 

What I do with my time matters more than I know, ‘cause who knows how much time is left?  That shit’s unknown.


Back Time: The Art

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