Programed Lust

Programed Lust

Words by Jamal A. Bilal
Art by Brydon Everett 

Programed Lust: The Story 

The way she moves.

Her body recites every show she’s ever seen. Her sexuality preprogrammed before 13.

Like directions on shampoo. Watch, memorize, and repeat. That’s what she’ll do.

Her hips swivel and swing and so do your eyes, locked and loaded on her thighs.

The pendulum drops when her fingers reach her hair, sliding up, jzeushing, flipping, yet going nowhere.

Your mind darts, left to right.

The taste, the touch, you want to steal.

Then you realize, it’s not real.

You’ve been programmed by your screen.

The life that you want isn’t your dream.


Programed Lust: The Art

Programed Lust: Tech Wallpaper

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